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SART Search And Rescue Transponder 


Survival craft radio equipment ‑ Radar transponders The GMDSS is designed to ensure that help arrives with the minimum of delay. But in some cases it will be impossible to reach the scene of an accident before the ship involved sinks. In such cases, the distress alert will have been sent by the ship or automatically by the satellite EPIRB, and the survivors will have embarked into survival craft. The main difficulty facing rescuers is simply finding them. One device which assists rescue units to locate ships and survival craft by night or day in all weather conditions is the radar transponder, which is activated by receiving a radar pulse. It then automatically sends out a series of pulses which are displayed on the radar screen of the interrogating ship or aircraft. This clearly identifies the transponder’s position, making it much easier for SAR units to reach the spot quickly. Survival craft and ship transponders operating on 9 GHz are mandatory under the GMDSS.